Christian B. Gütthoff DILLIG architekten


My name is Christian B.Gütthoff. I am working for a few years already

for DILLIG architekten. I am specialized in area of building renovation and building site surveys.

What are the challenges that you face at work?

We work with a lot of clients, that need renovation for their projects. The documents they provide us are usually not updated, or could even be the old floor plans

Because of that, I must do multiple building site surveys to produce building rating certificates

It is also one reason why I am often on the construction sites conducting building surveys

Why have you chose iMapper?

I have chosen iMapper because:

a. The price is very convincing, We also tried the test phase. It went very well. iMapper is a tool that is compact and small that can be easily packed and taken on site visits. In comparing with those huge other tools out in the market that come with huge carrying boxes

How did you carryout the building site surveys before iMapper?

Before we purchased iMapper, we used the distance laser. We basically scanned each room manually, drafted sketches using paper and pen

It was  somehow unpractical.

With iMapper, I no longer need to go back to the project site more than once

How did the situation after iMapper has changed?

With iMapper it is simply easier, faster and and a lot happen automatically with it. For example, I do not only have the scans of the room

that I am scanning but rather photos as well that are synchronized with the scans. The photos that iMapper take help usa lot by seeing what was there on the site

e.g. a window or a door or even furniture. The rooms scans are automatically, most of the time aligned together on the iMapper platform.

In anyway, iMapper is simply very easy to use.

What would you say to other companies to convince them to purchase their iMapper?

Try it out!

We had around 3-4 weeks time to test it and because it was during the holidays time, we have got the trial period even extended.

You have to try it out yourself so that you can see that it is an very simple device, easy-to-use, to carry around, very light, small

and most importantly, it is fun to work with!

iMapper is certainly a easy and fun tool to use